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Z-Systems currently coordinates multiple open-source projects. All are also open to contributions from anyone with interest and the necessary abilities.

Finestra Virtual Desktops

The highly acclaimed Finestra Virtual Desktops provides a virtual desktop environment that has not been seen before. It is smooth, elegant, and takes advantage of Vista's live thumbnail APIs in order to provide a seamless virtual desktop experience. More Information


Many a Windows shell replacement has gone by before now, so what makes Z-Shell any different? Unlike the others, Z-Shell is written in a completely managed language (specifically VB.NET). This means that it can take advantage of all of the various features provided by the .NET framework. It aims to not only provide a complete shell experience out of the box, but also has the ability to act as a framework for other shell replacements. More Information


In virtually all of Z-Systems' software, a small library of common graphics-related functionality is used. After using it in two open-source projects, it was time for it to graduate into its own project. Z-Pixel has many useful and interesting classes for .NET developers to use in their own projects. More Information

FluidSynth Wrapper for .NET

FluidSynth is a very powerful open-source synthesizer. Unfortunately for .NET developers, it is written in C and has a very large API, much too large for Platform Invoking each API. Therefore, the FluidSynth Wrapper for .NET wraps a large portion of the APIs in managed classes. Although it does not give access to every feature of FluidSynth, it does give access to the synthesizer, settings, and audio driver APIs in a very .NET style class library. More Information