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Buy Z-Maestro Pro

We hope that you will consider buying the Pro version. The Lite version is meant as a tool for basic usage. However, many users will find it limiting, both in features and in licensing (the Lite version cannot be used for commercial productions). The Pro version has all available features of Z-Maestro, and it's a one-time purchase, meaning that when you purchase the current version, you also get every future version for no extra cost.

Note that you will need to have Z-Maestro Lite on your computer already.

General Features

Lite Pro
Instrument and drum parts Yes Yes
One-shot and adaptive audio parts Yes Yes
SoundFont 2 support Yes Yes
Spectral audio editing Yes Yes
Comprehensive documentation Yes Yes
No expiration Yes Yes
Free updates Yes Yes
Use projects commercially   Yes
Use more than 3 tracks   Yes
Supports the developers monetarily   Yes

Export Formats

WAV Yes Yes
WMA   Yes
MP3   Yes
OGG Vorbis New   Yes

Import Formats

MIDI Yes Yes
WAV Yes Yes
WMA   Yes
MP3   Yes
OGG   Yes
Audio CDs   Yes