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Finestra Virtual Desktops

Unlike most virtual desktop managers, Finestra is elegant and easy to use. Using Windows Vista's and 7's new thumbnail window previews, Finestra can give you a full screen preview of all of your desktops.

Finestra Virtual Desktops


  • An infinite number of desktops only limited by the amount of memory in your computer
  • A full screen desktop/window manager/switcher
  • Live Vista/7 thumbnails of all of your windows
  • An alpha-blended indicator window to provide a visual indicator when you switch between desktops
  • Hotkeys for up to 9 desktops using your numpad keys along with "send window to desktop" hotkeys
  • A system tray icon to access a menu containing items for every desktop, no matter how many
  • Multiple-monitor support
  • Arrow key hotkeys
  • One system tray icon per desktop (optional)
  • Window-specific menus
  • Sticky windows to exclude windows from the virtual desktop manager
  • Per-desktop backgrounds
  • XP support
  • Thumbnail window tool
  • Show all windows hotkey
  • Show mini-preview at cursor hotkey
  • Program rules for locking programs onto desktops
  • Command line arguments for launching programs onto desktops, switching desktops, and showing the switcher


You can get the latest release and source code for Finestra from its GitHub project site.

GitHub Project Site