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Start experiencing the power and ease of use that Z-Maestro has to offer. When you first download, you will have the Lite version of Z-Maestro. If you choose to buy the Pro version, you can activate the copy of Z-Maestro Lite already installed. Buying the Pro version once also gives you all future versions of Z-Maestro Pro.


  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 - Download from Microsoft
  • 1GB or more of memory
  • 120MB of disk space, and more for SoundFonts, projects, etc.
  • DirectX 9 capable video card
Download Now Version 1.5.7

Change Log

Version 1.5.7

  • Minor performance improvements
  • Possible fix for a reported issue with everything playing at an increased speed
  • Updated to SlimDx September 2011

Version 1.5.6

  • Minor bug changes
  • Upgraded to CUDA 4.0 for FFTs

Version 1.5

  • Added Windows 7 jump list support
  • Added timeline selection
  • Added ability to drag time slider while playing
  • Removed the status bar
  • Added multi-track recording
  • Added check boxes to audio editor for arbitrary channel selection
  • Implemented new audio engine
  • Added WASAPI support on Vista/7
  • Updated DirectSound support on XP
  • Added hardware accelerated compositing while playing using Direct3D 9
  • Extended project properties dialog
  • Added ability to use keyboard play/pause buttons
  • Added context menu for the space below tracks
  • Added track cut/copy/paste
  • Updated graphics for looping sections
  • Implemented a new file format based on OpenXML packaging
  • Added graphical part preview while dragging
  • Upgraded to DIRAC 3
  • Added new hand grabbing cursors to the separator panel
  • Added OGG Vorbis export support
  • Added Control+Scroll to zoom in all editors
  • Major performance improvements
  • Added support for mono audio parts

Version 1.4

  • Added pitch monitoring to roll editor
  • Added time sliders to part editors
  • Added ability to edit note velocity in the roll editor
  • Added global project timelines, a.k.a. the "master track"
  • Added search box to instrument selector
  • Changed instrument selector to only play arpeggio once
  • Added ability to disable instrument selector arpeggio
  • Added Windows 7 taskbar progress support
  • Added ability to change the snapping of the roll editor
  • Added ability to drag files onto the welcome screen to open them
  • Added scroll indicator when dragging with the middle mouse button
  • Added help text to timelines and roll editor
  • Improved audio spectrum view load time
  • Updated CUDA runtime and CUFFT libraries
  • Updated DIRAC pitch-shifting and time-stretching library
  • Updated many parts of the UI to be more consistent and easier to understand
  • Updated to Visual C++ 2010 runtime

Version 1.3

  • Fixed drum editor scrolling bug
  • Fixed instrumental recording hang
  • Fixed editor display bug
  • Fixed installation problem with the C++ runtime (hopefully?)
  • Fixed automatic updates problem

Version 1.2

  • Major performance improvements
  • New darker icon
  • Updated splash screen
  • Scrollbars now match the visual style
  • Fixed WAV codec initialization bug
  • Replaced the rest of the loading indicators with real progress indicators
  • Added right-click menu to the track headings
  • The spectrum view will now utilize NVidia CUDA-compatible video cards, if available
  • Updated about box and added a tab for licenses
  • Hold the middle mouse button to pan views
  • Tracks of imported MIDI files automatically set track icons based on the instruments

Version 1.1

  • Completely new UI as beautiful as the music you can make with it
  • Most audio editing tasks now deal in decibels
  • Made a huge speed increase in spectral editing performance
  • Improved accuracy of spectral editing by using the Blackman-Harris window
  • Fixed progress indicator for spectral editing
  • Added options to not show project and part properties on creation
  • Curve selectors flip their icons to show correct change
  • Added compressor/limiter effect
  • Added low pass filter and high pass filter effects
  • In the audio editor, escape can be pressed to cancel drags
  • Added a live arpeggio preview to the instrument selection dialog
  • Fast forward now literally plays the project faster rather than jumping ahead
  • Changed the default project tempo to 120
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0

  • Added new acoustic guitar icon
  • Split Z-Maestro into Pro and Lite versions
  • Added reset button for drum track options
  • Added read-only mode for the Lite version (to open projects with more than 3 tracks)

Version 0.26

  • Sample-accurate previewing
  • Improved previewing performance
  • Moved tips to the status bar
  • Added Reset button to drum track options
  • Fixed audio toolbar displaying on open
  • Improved progress indicators everywhere
  • Fixed bugs with adaptive audio syncing
  • No longer fails to export when adaptive audio parts are still syncing
  • Fixed side piano in roll editor when horizontally scrolled
  • Added the start of a built-in part library
  • Updated the help file
  • Added new sample projects (Help → Samples)
  • Projects and audio files can be dragged in from folders
  • Improved part library previewing

Version 0.25

  • Major improvements to MIDI import
  • Fixed split part tool
  • Improved loading performance
  • Fixed toolbar positioning bug

Version 0.24

  • Improved MIDI import support
  • Graphical improvements
  • Part library appearance tweaked
  • Auto-update alerts the user automatically when an update is available
  • Allows auto-update on expiration

Version 0.23

  • Added audio level meters for global output
  • Changed tempo selector to a trackbar
  • Improved volume control
  • Improved DirectSound driver in FluidSynth, uploaded changes
  • Added /LARGEADDRESSAWARE switch, allowing Z-Maestro to use 4GB of memory on 64-bit systems

Version 0.22

  • Updated roll editor's colors and lines
  • Roll editors' side keys work
  • Roll editors now play notes as they are created
  • Added audio track icon
  • Dynamic mixing dropdowns work properly
  • Changed the tempo control and time indicator layout

Version 0.21

  • Minor UI fixes
  • Performance improvements

Version 0.20

  • UI performance improvements
  • UI glitches fixed
  • Aesthetic adjustments
  • Spectrogram zooming fixed

Version 0.19

  • Spectral editing tools
  • Improved playhead performance
  • Updated help file
  • Major bug fixes

Version 0.18

  • Spectrogram zooming
  • Export spectrogram command
  • Edit spectrogram color palette
  • UI tweaks

Version 0.17

  • Spectrogram view in audio editor
  • Other new audio editor features
  • Red Noise and White Noise effects
  • Decibel and frequency scales
  • Easily amplify with a simple drag
  • Misc. UI tweaks
  • Bug fixes

Version 0.16

  • Fixed audio panning bug
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Input monitor during audio recording
  • Tracks are auto-selected based on the part selection
  • Play selection tool
  • Live audio waveform during audio recording
  • Double-drag as well as right-click to create notes and dynamic mixing events
  • Use your computer keyboard to play notes in the piano window
  • Icons for different note types in the roll editor
  • New splash screen graphic
  • Performance improvements

Version 0.15

  • Import from audio CD's
  • "Fit Content to Part" and "Fit Part to Content" commands
  • "Update" command, to reimport an audio part from its original file
  • Progress bars used in most places to give better a indication of progress
  • Check for Updates command
  • Runs correctly on x64 computers under WOW32
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Fixed a bug affecting some configurations that caused Windows to think Z-Maestro had crashed
  • Bug fixes

Version 0.14

  • Huge performance improvements through a redesigned undo-redo architecture
  • Current time reading
  • Dynamic mixing can now use linear, cosine, exponential, and logarithmic interpolation
  • Improved UI responsiveness and look
  • Bug fixes


The SoundFont synthesizer used in Z-Maestro is the excellent open-source FluidSynth. FluidSynth is licensed under the LGPL (Lesser GNU Public License), so any modifications to it must be made public. Therefore, you can download the source code for the modified version of FluidSynth used in Z-Maestro here:

Download FluidSynth Source Based on Version 1.0.8

The only change made is to the DirectSound driver. An implementation of new_fluid_audio_driver2 was added to the DirectSound code.